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I have a lot of hair.  “A lot” is actually an understatement; that beast on top of my head has a mind of it’s own.  Ever since I was little, hairdressers would eye my head with trepidation as they instructed my mother that in the future, I would require an hour appointment instead of the usual 30 minutes.  As I got older, the hair only got thicker.   Utterly out of control is the best way to describe it the years I was on prenatal vitamins, and I’ve been able to donate to various organizations, like Locks of Love, three times in the last 7 years.    And I’m not sure if it was years of wearing my hair in ponytails, or the 3 years I spent pretty much all of my free time in the salt water on my surfboard, but I have flyaways that surround my face like nobody’s business.

BAMR hair

Cousin It’s long lost twin?

Needless to say headbands are a lifesaver for me, and pretty much a necessity for any sort of workout I do.

Now onto the next problem: I also have a really big head.  Not just the fact that I’m pretty full of myself, but the circumference of my head is somewhat ridiculous.  In 8th grade science, for some reason we all had to measure the circumference of our heads.  I had the biggest head in the class…even bigger than our teacher Mr. Minelli.   Needless to say, I was made fun of for months about that one (you know how compassionate 12 year olds can be).   POINT BEING: I have a big head, and the majority of dainty little headbands made for female athletes either give me a headache or simply slide right off the back of my head.   So I’m ALWAYS up for trying a new headband on the market, in hopes that  it will do it’s job in keeping my hair out of my eyes without squeezing my skull to the point of a migraine.

Enter: BAMR Bands.

An acronym for “Bad Ass Mother Runner” , this company was founded by mother/athlete Katie Heddleston in January of 2013.  The bands are are 7/8 inch non-slip fitness (and fashion) headbands that Katie makes herself.  Plus, one dollar from every headband purchased goes to the charity, Every Mother Counts – a charity aiming to “end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide.”

So let’s bring this all together:

A handmade product by a fellow running mom: CHECK
A charitable donation for each purchase: CHECK
But do they actually work?  CHECK!

Katie sent me two prints to test out:  Metallic Rainbow Chevron and Silver Glitzy


who needs jewels when you have headbands like this…

Both patterns are gorgeous.  And flashy,which is exactly how I like my workout gear.   The picture simply does not do the Rainbow Chevron justice; it shimmers in the light just like a rainbow trout.  Or, you know, something even prettier than a fish.   But aesthetics aside, the BAMR Bands actually work for me, praise the running attire gods. 

Katie has sewn a velvet ribbon to the inside of each band that clings to the hair, making them non slip.  Further, an elastic strip on the very back of each band allows them to adjust to fit even my giant noggin.  


Velvet ribbon lining and elastic band.

I’ve worn these bands for: long runs, speed work, hashing, lifting, on the elliptical, while doing burpees, and even to the grocery store.   Not only do they stay put, but I don’t even to adjust them.  I call that a win.     And at an average cost of $10 each, they are significantly less expensive than many similar bands sold by larger companies.    And if your fashion sense differs than my motto of “the louder the better”, BAMR Bands offers many other prints, such as argyles, floral, and even solids.  


Headband modeling while taking your own picture is harder than I imagined.

Katie was awesome enough to offer up a giveaway for one of my readers to win a BAMR band of their very own.  Want to win?  Here’s the deal: the only mandatory entry is to leave a comment below.  Tell me what pattern you would like to win, OR , leave a suggestion to Katie on a pattern or style you would like to see. 

Then of course, you’ve got your extra entries for those who like to go above and beyond. Tweet, like us on facebook, etc etc.  Bonus points for those of you who subscribe to my blog (since the switch to wordpress I’ve lost most of you.)  Use the rafflecopter below.  Contest ends at midnight on 11/30, and winner will be announced the next day (or the next blog post, which ever comes first).  

Good luck! 

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*BAMR Bands provided me with headbands to review, however as always, all opinions stated are honest and my own. 

55 thoughts on “BAMR Bands Review & Giveaway

  1. I am a sucker for a good headband. Like you I have lots of thick hair and I wear headbands all the time, especially when I run/workout.
    I really like the glitter ones, the silver, gold and turquoise!

  2. The ex-Army girl in me likes the camo one, but the girly-girl in me likes the owls. A suggestion would maybe be to make reflective bands? I know I put my head down quite a bit while running, and another piece of reflective gear would be great for the head-down running-in-the-dark crowd!

  3. I love the silver glitzy. My hair is so thick every time I get my hair cut they have to thin it for me. And Mr. Minelli, that is an HMMS throwback <3

  4. I’d love one with horses on it so I can wear it to ride in as well. I don’t show so I don’t need to wear a hair net but one of these would be great. Yes I would run in it also.

  5. I like the Steelers one and the gold glitzy. My hair is thick and gets all over during races. These look strong enough for my head!

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