The Sunday Review

Because I neglected to post regularly this past week, I’ll cram everything into Sunday.  Here are a bunch of random facts and “interneteresting” (according to the urban dictionary, it is word) topics I feel the need to discuss: 

Miles I Ran This Week:  13.1.   This week also marked day #14 of the run streak.  As I mentioned in “The Great Streaking Experiment“, the Holiday run streak seems to be taking a huge toll on my mileage.  Despite running every day, I’m running less every week.  Regardless, I feel really good physically.  Not just my legs and feet, but overall I feel more energy now that I’m getting back into the habit of running every day.  Clearly, desk jobs also take their toll.

Random Moments of the Week:  Running 3-ish snow covered trail miles holding a small watermelon covered in chocolate syrup.  No, I am not kidding, and there is no exaggeration in that sentence.  Quite literally a watermelon covered in chocolate syrup.  Part of a challenge (appropriately named the “Tough Mother”) presented to me by my unconventional running group as a final initiation of sorts into the “club”. Once I got the football hold down, it was pretty easy.

Proud Moments of the Week: 
I was named as one of the Babble 100 Best Bloggers of 2013, and the 10 top Body + Mind bloggers.  There are thousands of fitness/running blogs out there, so I am honored to have been chosen!


 Exciting Moment of the Week:   I’m back in the gym…as an employee!  I never would have thought I missed cleaning treadmills.  And maybe I don’t, but I DO miss the daily opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for fitness with people…in person.  I love working from home and writing, and will continue to do so, but the cats are completely uncooperative and only roll their eyes at me when I mention things such as the benefits of using a full range of motion.  So I’m back behind the desk a few days a week, and taking on personal training clients on a regular basis again. I’m excited!

Interneteresting Moment of the Week:  ( interesting yet semi useless information I find on the internet = interneteresting.I found this video of the Black Rock City 50K/ Burning Man Ultramarathon by Ryan Van Duzer.  I not only laughed for 5 minutes and 36 seconds (warning, some adult language), but I reaffirmed the fact that this race is totally on my bucket list (#29).

  Updates Worth Mentioning:  Remember the Wii Fit Meter I reviewed last month?  I accidentally left the meter on my jeans, and put them through the washing machine AND the dryer.  Obviously when I discovered this blunder, the Wii Fit Meter was no longer working.  On a whim, I took it apart, put it in a Tupperware container with some of those silica gel packs that come in shoe boxes, and hoped for the best.  A few days later, I reassembled the Fit Meter, and voila, it worked again.  A few days after that, despite laughing at my immediate misfortune, Geoff managed to leave his Fit Meter on his gym shorts.  This time, the Fit Meter went through an industrial washing machine at the laundromat.  Again, dis-assembly, Tupperware container, silica gel pack, and time.  It worked again.  THEN…as if this couldn’t get any worse…I dropped my Fit Meter in the toilet.  Yes, the TOILET.  Thoroughly cleaned it off, took it apart, let it dry…I’ll be darned if the sucker doesn’t work again.   Kudos for a quality product, Nintendo.

OTHER: (as in, things that have nothing to do with this week but I keep forgetting to mention)  Chris Cooper, author of the book Long May You Run, has published a new e- book that is available online: My Best Race: 50 Runners and the Finish Line They’ll Never Forget.  I may or may not be one of those 50.  (I am!)  It’s only $5.99 to download, so check it out! 

My Best Race

Articles I wrote: (besides my rambling thoughts on this blog, of course)

Technically most of these were written the week before, but I made these “pins” to go with them so…here they are.

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Five Basic Recovery Tips for Runners

Bring it on Monday…

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  1. Haha, the watermelon thing is crazy! I wish there was a picture of that! LOL

    Congrats on the new job and your blog nomination! I’ll have to check out those other articles later.

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