Nuun Energy Review & Giveaway

I like caffeine.

Most people enjoy coffee every morning (or afternoon…or evening) but I cannot stand the stuff.  I know, it’s not normal in our society to not enjoy a double-mocha-french-dark-roast-latte or whatever those things are called.  Add in the fact that I also highly dislike peanut butter, and frankly, it’s a wonder I have any friends.   But I do really enjoy the effects of caffeine (I’M AWAKE!), and thus, find my alternatives to coffee wherever I can.  Sometimes they are healthy options, like a nice up of green tea.  And other times they are not…like every time I’m busted with a RedBull and subsequently lectured about how as a fitness professional, I should know better.


Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that nuun hydration, a  hydration supplement super popular among the endurance athlete crowd, had released  an ENERGY version of their product, because a) as we’ve already established, I like caffeine, and b) I particularly love it before a good workout or a race.

If you aren’t familiar with nuun, they are these awesome little effervescent tablets that you drop into your water bottle for instant added flavor and electrolytes.   They have zero added sugars, and come in a really convenient little tube that carries well if you are out for a long run or ride.

nuun energy

Our house conveniently matched this photo op…

And now they have caffeine.   But before I scare you off with all of my talk of redbull and pre-workout (did I mention pre-workout yet?), know that nuun energy has MODERATE caffeine levels of 40 mg per serving. 

A quick little science lesson on why caffeine may benefit athletic performance, from nuun Energy’s press release:

Caffeine is a natural energy booster, and it has been linked to an increase of athletic performance. Studies have shown that  a moderate intake of caffeine about one hour before activity can increase endurance performances. In addition, research has shown that caffeine intake during exercise increases both oxygen consumption and anaerobic power, while at the same time, decreasing heart rate. Recent research in the medical community has confirmed that moderate caffeine levels do not cause any form of dehydration. The optimal blend of electrolytes also ensure the body is adequately absorbing the water consumed. Nuun Energy also includes five essential B Vitamins that helps convert food (carbohydrates & fats) into fuel (glucose). Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin, Pyradoxine (Vitamin B6), Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Pantothenic Acid are all found in Nuun Energy and added because they work on many levels in the body. On the main level, the B Vitamins work with stored carbohydrates and lipids in the body for energy use. In addition, the B Vitamins break down Glycogen (stored fuel) and aid in Red Blood Cell production, which helps deliver oxygen to exercising muscles.

nuun energy

Cherry Limeade, Lemon Lime, Wild Berry

Flavors available: Wild Berry, Lemon Lime and Cherry Limeade

Zero added sugars

Under 12 calories

40 mg caffeine per serving

Each tube of Nuun Energy contains 10 tablets

Each tablet makes 16 oz of Nuun Energy.

MSRP: $24 for a pack of 4 tubes ($0.60 per serving)

I was sent two tubes of the lemon lime flavor to try.   The taste was very similar to the regular lemon lime nuun, which I’ve used on and off for years (previous review available here).  It’s not the most amazing thing you’ve ever had to drink, but it certainly isn’t bad by any means.  More of a light weight, non offensive flavor, which as any endurance athlete can tell you, totally matters when you are a few hours into an event.  Even your favorite foods can be off putting at that point.

Pro -tip: leave the cover off of your water bottle OR the spout open for a few minutes after you drop the tablet in the bottle, to prevent an effervescent explosion.  It’s not quite a  mentos-in-diet-coke explosion, but a mess none the less. 

So the big question: did  I notice an energy pick-me-up?  Yes.  Was it that of something highly caffeinated (energy drink, pre workout, etc)? No. No crash and burn either.    I would recommend this product for someone who is looking for the athletic or mental benefits of a *little* added caffeine, without going overboard as so many other sports supplements do. 

nuun energy 2

plop plop fizz fizz…for the athlete.

Wanna give some a try?  Nuun kindly offered to giveaway some product for one of my lucky readers.   Two ways to enter:

1) Leave a comment. Options include: a joke, a story about caffeine, or why you want to win this givewaway.

2) Share this post. Twitter, facebook, carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat!

And be sure to use the rafflecopter so it can randomly choose a winner for me.  Contest ends May 1st at midnight.  Good luck! 
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disclaimer: two tubes of nuun energy were provided to me at  no cost, however, all opinions stated in this review are my own.

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  1. Jen Jane says

    I love , love, love coffee.. I do consider it a pre-workout drink for me.. I am curious to try the new Nuun energy. Pick me, pick me. :-)

  2. Patricia Trubl says

    I am a coffee junkie! I am also an avid hiker and runner. I tend to like coffee energy gels :) I would love to try the new Nunn energy.

  3. says

    I love caffeine too, but I also love coffee :-) And I love Nuun! I generally save my coffee for after a run, and drink Nuun the day before and during a run.

  4. says

    I am not a caffeine drinker but I love it in my GU. I’ve been wanting to try Nuun as a lot of its specs really appeal to me but I’m just too cheap to go and buy it. I’d love to win so that I know for sure.

  5. Cathy Kemper says

    Sounds like something I need to try. Long runs and hot,icky Florida weather is upon me and I need the extra boost.

  6. says

    I want to win because I KNOW there are days I NEED my energy! I haven’t tried Nuun yet. I have bipolar and have my days (well nights) where I don’t get any sleep and then have to go to work (because I do have to keep a job like the rest of society). I want to see how these work and if they’d help me – plus I think they’d be great for my runs and training.

  7. Lisa Jones says

    Every Mom out there can appreciate all options of caffeinated drinks. I do love my coffee but don’t think I get any pick me up from it anymore. Aaaah, the dreaded caffeine immunity!!!! Love to give this a whirl!

  8. Teresa M. says

    I want to win because I love caffeine. I also don’t like coffee. I drink a Diet Pop(I know bad) in the morning istead of coffee.

  9. Crystal says

    I generally want the coffee in the morning for the warm drink and Ive grow to love it black But since I’ve been using a preworkout I’ve noticed my want for coffee is dwindled away. I think I need to try Nuun Energy. What has been your favorite preworkout??

  10. says

    I use Nuun after every run so I’d love to try Nuun energy! I’m curious about the difference between the the two. I’ve heard caffeine before a workout can help boost performance.

  11. says

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo, who? Aww, why are you crying, do you need a tissue? =)

    (You didn’t say it had to be a FUNNY joke!)

    I love Nuun. Nuun energy sounds awesome. Pick me, pick me! 😉

  12. Joy says

    I’d like to try nuun but don’t want to fork out tons of cash to try it out, so giveaways are a great introduction.

  13. says

    I love love love my Nuun and haven’t tried the caffeine (I’m a non-coffee/soda/energy drink person too so have always been a little hesitant, but if I were going to try it…. Nuun is the company I would trust to get it right!). I have to reiterate your warning about leaving the top off of your water bottles. On long runs I’ll put straight water in one bottle and Nuun in the other bottle of my hydration belt… my running partner always checks to make sure that I have the Nuun on the other side after getting squirted with random shots of Nuun along the run. I’ve tried “burping” the bottle but that doesn’t seem to help much. Now I try to remember to put the Nuun in first thing and leave the top off for as long as possible before a run. Nothing like running along and feeling like a whale shooting Nuun out of his blowhole!!!

  14. lorib456 says

    I looooovvveee coffee, it is my addiction, my life blood :) I could use this pick-me-up during workouts/runs.

  15. Ashley says

    I am a caffeine addict!! There I admit it! Step 1 is to admit you have a problem. I cannot get through the day without caffeine. And this Nuun, to combine electrolytes and caffeine, I’m in heaven. I didn’t wait to see if I would win the giveaway, I went ahead and bought some Nuun Energy. I’m sure I’m gonna love it so the more the merrier if I do end up winning.

  16. Shawn says

    I’m a teacher, so I need caffeine to keep up with my students! I teach EL students (English Learners), so I am responsible for 250 students. I can use all the help I can get!