Obstacle Race Training Book Giveaway

A few weeks ago I posted a review (click the link to check it out!) of Margaret Schlachter’s new book, Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion, and Change Your Life.   An excellent, informative book that belongs on the shelf of any avid or even aspiring obstacle course racer.    And now, thanks to Margaret and her publishers, I’ve got an extra copy so one lucky reader CAN put the book on their shelf!  (After reading it cover to cover, of course!)


Actual copy, posing for a photo on my front porch, waiting patiently for its new home!

Want that lucky someone to be you?   Enter below using the rafflecopter with any or all of the following options:

1) leave a comment.  Anything will do, OCR specific preferred. (as in, why do you want this book?)

2) Tweet about this giveaway (up to once per day)

3) Follow Margaret (@DirtinYourSkirt) on Twitter

4) Follow me on Twitter(@RunFasterMommy – some day I’ll change my twitter handle to match this blog.  But not today.) 

Contest will be open until Saturday May 3rd, and then a winner will be picked randomly via that great rafflecopter thing below.  Good luck!


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  1. Amy Reichenbach says

    I pre-ordered Spartan Up by Joe DeSena…and I’d love to read about OCR from a female athlete’s point of view too!!

  2. Tara Roch says

    I’d love to read it! I’ve been following her since her blog entries were numbered counting days to her WTM! I don’t have a twitter so I can’t tweet!

  3. says

    I am still a newbie! I have completed a Spartan Sprint and a Fitathlon but I need more practice. I am hoping to get advice of clearing the obstacles that require a lot of upper body strength.

  4. Hope Reilly says

    I’ve always been inspired by Margaret. I follow her on twitter and would love to read her ideas. I’ve finished 2 Beasts at Killington,1 Fenway Stadium Sprint, 1 Montreal Sprint and most recently the Miami Super. Several obstacles always trip me up ( Burpees galore), such as rope climb, monkey bars and I would love to get her advice.

  5. Sabrina says

    Most of the OCRs I run I do for fun, but Spartan is a different beast (har har). I really want to improve every year that I race and I’ve definitely benefitted from being part of a great team, reading great blogs and getting advice, especially from Margaret. I’d love to get the book and see how much more it could benefit me!

  6. Ashley says

    I love reading Margaret’s blog, so I’m sure her book is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to read.

  7. Kristen M says

    I’ve never done an obstacle course run. The main reason is that I’m intimidated. I’d love this book to learn how to best prepare for an OCR.