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I just finished up a 70 hour week at the gym.   On one hand, I didn’t mind at all, because I love my job.  On the other hand, that was exhausting, and I’m completely soaking up the fact that today I’m able to spend time doing computer work on my front porch in the sun.    Today I scramble to catch up, as this week is equally as busy…though in a different way. 

Tomorrow I’m incredibly stoked to be heading to the Reebok Headquarters in Canton MA.  This will be my third trip there on behalf of Reebok & FitFluential, and I simply cannot get enough of that place. I mean they have a SPARTAN course in their backyard, what’s not to love?  I’ll be participating in a focus group regarding upcoming product, so per usual, I’m sure I won’t be able to share most of the details of the trip.  I’m hoping, however, to get a sneak peek at what’s going on in preparation for this weekends Reebok-Spartan Invitational, the first 1.5 mile “Olympic” distance Spartan race.   

big wall

On the Spartan course at Reebok HQ.

In other race related news, we’ve got two more races officially booked on the calendar:

BoldRDash  Narragansett, RI,
May 3, 2014


Geoff and I had the opportunity to race the “mud” version of BoldRDash last fall, and had a total blast (check out the review of BoldRDash, Yawgoo Valley).   So you can imagine our excitement to find out that we would be able to participate in the beach version, at Scarborough State Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Fun Heather fact:  I bought my very first surfboard in Narragansett back in 2001(the more you know!)  I’m really hoping for a sunny day…I can think of very few things better than OCR and my toes in the sand.   It looks like registration is currently closed, but there is a possibility of limited race day registration.  For more information, check out their website: 

Friends of Pisgah 10K


A  local trail race to help support and maintain the local trail systems.  You truly can’t go wrong there. Another fun fact: apparently there is another Pisgah Forest in the Carolinas.  I’ll have to find that one as soon as we move back down there…

Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half, Boston MA
June 6-8, 2014

Last fall I had the opportunity to race the Runner’s World Festival Hat Trick in Bethlehem, PA .  The weekend consisted of a 5K, 10K, half marathon, kids race, and a doggy dash.  Those of us crazy enough (yes, me) participated in the Hat Trick, which included the 5K, 10K & half marathon.    Runner’s World is bringing the fun to Boston MA this summer and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to join in.   The race will be held June 6-8, with countless activities over the course of the weekend including seminars from infamous runners; Dean Karnazes (I’m super geeked to meet him!), Shalane Flanagan, and Bart Yasso, just to name a few. This year Paralympic star, Sarah Reinertsen, will deliver the keynote presentation.  Check out the entire weekend schedule HERE.   Interested in joining?  Use the codes below for a discount! 



5K Foam Fest:  June 21, Haverill MA. 


5K foam fest

I disagree…but it still looks fun.

 Yay or Nay?  Have you done one?  State your opinion in a comment below!  Some of the non-crazy-racing family members want a summer obstacle course race to participate in, and I think we’ve narrowed it down to this one.  I’d love to hear opinions or past experiences. 


Extreme Field Day for Kids, Wachusett Mountain, MA


My little dudes don’t know it yet, but they are doing this one.  Rowen informed me the other day that he absolutely *has* to race this summer, because he is the fastest person he knows.  “Like, even faster than my brother, and he cheats!”    If you are local, check this one out.   Teach your kids young that playing in the mud *is* OK.  (Yes it is!)

That’s the calendar for the next few weeks…I’m sure more will be added as it comes along. Earlier this year I was quite content with an empty schedule, but as it is now starting to (quickly) fill up, I’m feeling pretty excited.   Time to buckle down on the training…

 What’s on your spring race calendar? What are you currently training for?

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  1. Lisa V says

    I was planning to sign up for the Boldr Dash at Scarborough with my sister-in-law – it would have been her first obstacle course experience. A lot of history at that beach with the family – my in-laws have been going there for 30+ years & she got engaged on that beach – so we were excited. Unfortunately her schedule didn’t permit and it was a long way to go (from Virginia) for a local race just for me. Have a great time!

  2. says

    Maybe I’ll see you at BoldrDash! I would say a big YAY for Foam Fest! I only did my first ever two mud runs last year and that was one of them. It was a lot of fun, but some challenging obstacles thrown in too. I have to say that clean-up hoses sucked, but the best part about the farm that it was held on is that there is a river that you can just jump right in fully clothed to get cleaned off! It was great! Also, I had a late heat start (somewhere around 11:15) and as we were lining up at the start, one of the inflatable slides at the end of the race started to deflate. By the time I got to the end, they were telling people we couldn’t do the obstacle because slide 2 of 3 was also going down and they weren’t safe. They ended up giving us a $20 off code to do it again this year so I couldn’t resist! This year they are also offering a festival area for spectators not racing with fun stuff to do, but they didn’t have that last year so I can’t really comment on that. I would say yes, you should do it for the fun of it.

  3. says

    Sounds like a fun schedule! I’m taking my kids (5 and 7) to their first race in a week and a half. It’s a local trail race in a boggy part of a local wooded park, called the “Mudball Classic.” I hope it delivers! Not sure if they’ll do the 1/4 or 1/2 mile version yet. I think they’ll love it!

    I’ve got nothing — yes, that’s right, NOTHING! — planned after Superior Spring 50K in 3.5 weeks. I’m excited about finding fun local trail races, running long with friends on the spur of the moment and doing some more volunteering. I’ll decide later if I want to go after a 50 miler again this year.