#WIRBF – Go Anaerobic

I  missed last week’s What I Ran By Friday.  I made up my own hash tag, and I forgot to use it.  #WIRBF #FAIL. 

When the alarm went off at 4:30 am, I was having a dream that I was racing Tough Mudder (?). But the best part was that the race was being held on a course WITH a Spartan race at the exact same time, so you had to make sure to follow the correct signs for whatever race you were in. Part of our race course went through a high school….like a library or something. We had to wait in line for an obstacle and I got yelled at by the principle for talking too loudly. Afterall, there were classes going on.

I’m a little very tired…and perhaps a little delirious. 

I’ve been indoors 99.9% of this week, but since #WIRBF pictures of the gym wall are dull, here are a few from last week:


No longer my local trail…but still a favorite


Melting snow…one of my favorite sights.


The Wednesday workout…

Jump Collage 2

The aforementioned stairs…209 from bottom of the hill to the base of the jump.


The semi-enthusiastic crew


These wonderful ladies…saw them on the Mass Mayhem course, what a wonderful addition to #WIRBF!


Though a fun sight on my run, someone is probably pretty bummed about this loss…

Share your #WIRBF post below in the comments, and I’ll link back to you!   Have a great weekend everyone! 

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