California Dreaming – and Racing – Giveaway!

Winter in New England is harsh.   I don’t necessarily want to complain, because the majority of us make a conscious choice to live here.  We choose the long cold months of darkness and sub freezing temperatures.  And as we can assure you this year, we choose to reside in a climate where it snows so much, some of us are running out of places to put it (right, Boston?)  And so I won’t complain about this weather, for New England is a beautiful, special place.

But I will admit I get cabin fever.

And I’ll also admit that I get a little green with envy this time of year over my warmer climate friends who seemingly have a race or event to attend every weekend, where their biggest weather concern is if they should wear shorts or tights.  Meanwhile we’re over here making jokes about shovel fitness…and then making it a real thing.  Thankfully, some of our warmer climate friends have taken pity us and our lack of winter fun into consideration, and offer the option to register for races remotely.  Like our pals from Represent Running in sunny California.

Represent Running is a series of fun-focused and locally themed running events.  It’s about local (Bay Area) people,  really loving where they live and what they do. It’s about being proud of your town and proud of the unique culture within it.  On March 1, Represent Running will be hosting the 4th Annual San Jose 408K Race to the Row, and they have a “remote runner” option for registration for the rest of us who want to join in, but can’t make it to the actual race.

Or simply do not know the way to San Jose.  (Kidding, kidding, I couldn’t resist!)


About the 408K:

    • No, it’s not 408K (I know some of you are disappointed, but most of you relieved).  It’s an 8k in the 408 area code benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation’s Military Scholars Program
    • Locally known for “The Mariachi Mile” — a Mariachi band lined stretch of course
    • A winning recipe: run local, connect with local charities, and listen to the people
    • At the 2014 race, World War II veteran’s touching video goes viral.

Here is how it works:

  1. Register as a “remote runner.”  (use discount code RunTheBay-PR for 10% off registration.)
  2. Run the 8K (4.97 mi.) on race day — or close to it.
  3. Receive the medal (also a bottle opener) and Official Race Tech Shirt designed by Cukui Apparel (local to the Bay Area) in the mail.  Gear will be sent out the Monday following the race.

A mariachi shark.  Does it get better than that?


I haven’t been a big participant in virtual runs over the years, but right now in the midst of the winter blues, I’m absolutely understanding the excitement of being able to join in on the fun…even if it is on my own time.   Represent Running has been awesome enough to not only invite me to run the 4th Annual San Jose 408K remotely (what a kickass birthday present!), but have offered to giveaway a “remote runner” registration to one of my readers!

Remember, you do NOT have to be in California to run…you can live anywhere to be a remote runner!

Please use the rafflecopter below to enter.  Winner will be notified on 2/18!  Good luck!
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  1. just walt says

    I’ve never done anything like this before but the thought of representing a race in San Jose, 3000 miles away in Pennsylvania sounds awesome!

  2. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) says

    Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE virtual running! It has connected me to runners I would not have interacted with otherwise!

  3. Tammy says

    I’ve never done a virtual race, but this distance would be a perfect fit for my training schedule that week! :) Plus, as I’ve mostly run 5k races, I don’t have many medals yet and that one is adorable! Love your blog, and thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Kim says

    I just did my first virtual race a couple weeks ago. It was a little strange because they sent my medal to me before I even did the run.

  5. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says

    Fun! My family is in the Boston area and are still digging out. I lived there my entire life but I don’t miss the winters up there anymore! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    I have to admit, I used to not be a fan of virtual running. But with the rising costs of running in this town (some virtual races cost less then 20 dollars, but 5K’s in Portland are now averaging 40) and the fact that a lot of races are hard to get to on public transit, I have become more a fan. It keeps me more motivated between races. It gives me a way to challenge myself.

  7. says

    Have you ever done a virtual race before? Part of me wants to try it as there is not much around Philly at this time of year but then also the part of me that loves race day doesn’t because I feel as though it isn’t as fun without everyone else!

    • says

      I 100% feel the same way! I always joke that my virtual medals are the “red headed step children” in my medal collection. I earned them, but it’s not quite the same “earned” feeling as I get with a true race experience!

    • says

      Also, I think virtual races are great if there is nothing in your area, or if it’s hard for you to make it to a “real” event due to work or other life-related reasons. I’ve done multiple virtual races – I like knowing I am helping a good cause which is what the events are usually for and at the same time having something to motivate me to get out there and run/walk/bike/etc to feel I truly earned that medal! :)

  8. Dagmar Ebaugh says

    I’ve never run a remote race, but how great! You get to run in your ‘hood, no travel costs, but you’re still able to participate in a fun group event.

  9. says

    Virtual/”remote” running is an excellent concept because it encourages people of all skill levels (some may be too intimidated to try an “on-site” race), and it usually benefits a good cause or promotes living a healthy lifestyle. I have both organized and participated in virtual running. Individuals have the opportunity to stay connected on the virtual level when their time does not permit them to physically travel to an event. I would personally love to do this as a virtual because Cali is my second home and the Shark is one of my power animals!

  10. Britt W says

    Virtual running?! I love this idea! I have never been a participant, but I am in a total running slump before my next training cycle starts, and would love something to motivate me 😉

  11. says

    As a native of Massachusetts, I totally identify with this article! Yesterday Worcester had a low of -38 degrees Fahrenheit with the windchill. I have also never run an 8K distance as a race before and would love to participate in this virtual race. :)