2016 Dirty Myrtle Mud Run

Dirty Myrtle Mud Run

As I sit down to write this recap of a race I didn't actually run, it occurs to me that since we've moved to Myrtle Beach, I've spectated far more races than I've run.  A previous version of me would have hated this, having succumbed to the version of FOMO that is literally right in my face, taunting me.   But the current version of me is able to reflect on all of the amazing running and racing Continue reading →

2016 Myrtle Beach Unofficial Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme

When I was in my 20's, I used to tell people that I refused to abuse tequila.  I really, genuinely liked the taste of tequila, and wanted to keep it that way.  It was a lesson I had learned the hard way from my previous favorite liquor,  vodka,  in the form of way too many lemon drop shots on the night of my 22nd birthday.  Of course the night ended with my head hanging over a toilet seat, Continue reading →

Coincidences and Colorado.


I know a lot of people who believe that coincidences are just that: coincidences.  They don't believe in sayings like "Everything happens for a reason" or "The Universe works in mysterious ways". But I do. And I couldn't even begin to tell you why.  I think it's akin to the reasons why little kids so desperately want to believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy; there is something so magical Continue reading →

Knock On Wood 100 (K) Race Report


The short version: We ran 20 loops of a 3.1 mile course to finish our first 100K distance.  I often tell people that a 50K is totally doable if you've run a marathon, it's really not that much further to go.  50 miles, however, is a lot further to run.  A 100K (62 miles) seems like it shouldn't be THAT much more difficult than 50 miles, but it is, by a long shot.  100 miles? I still can't wrap my Continue reading →

HOKA Challenger ATR 2 Review

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 2 Shoe Review

After months of ongoing issues with my feet, I finally made the realization that I needed to vary my running footwear from its then current routine.  But as I stood staring into the abyss that is my running shoe closet, I realized that I had what felt like hundreds of road and gym shoes, but only three pairs of trail shoes.  One pair was not nearly enough "shoe" for long distance, and the other Continue reading →



There was a very long period of my life where I was conditioned to always see the negative in nearly every situation.  And let me tell you, it's a self fulfilling prophecy at that point.  When all you can see is the downside of every situation, you seemingly attract negativity. Before you know it, the entire world is out to get you, and you are an utterly depressed, miserable specimen of a human Continue reading →

When Nature Calls…In Nature. A Runner’s Outdoor Bathroom Guide.

When Nature Calls Outdoor Bathroom Guide

As an adult, I have discovered that there are a number of topics in our society that are considered "taboo"...even though they are something that every single one of us deals with on a daily basis.   And one of those topics is going to the bathroom.   Heck, as a mom of two little boys, I find it difficult to even sit here and type this post without cracking some potty humor myself.   But it's a Continue reading →

Ambassadorship, Transparency, and my Running Shoe Rotation.

Running Shoes

This post has been weighing on my mind, having been written in my head several times over,  for months now.  Today finally feels like the right time to put it all into words.  So really, this post is self serving, though I hope you'll take the time to read it anyway.  But, per usual, let me start with a semi winded preface: The blogging world is a tricky place. Yes, I realize how Continue reading →

How to Survive Back-to-Back Long Runs

How to Survive Back to back long runs

When training for an ultra marathon, a common method utilized is back to back long runs.  The purpose of back to backs is typically because a 50 mile training jaunt isn't really feasible for most of us, so we make up that volume over the course of two days instead of one.  Keywords being "most of us".  I see some of you non-professional, everyday runners still posting the more-than-occasional "I Continue reading →



Once a week, I head down to the elementary school and spend about an hour eating lunch with my sons.  They are both quickly nearing the very edge of that age where it's still "cool" to spend time with mom rather than eat with their friends, so I'm taking advantage of it for as long as possible.  In fact, to quote said 9 year old, cafeteria dining with him is "totally fine, until someone makes fun Continue reading →

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Running* Volume 4

Close up of an athlete's feet wearing sports shoes on a challenging dirt track. Trail running workout on rocky terrain outdoors.

There is a motivational quote that is constantly floating around social media, usually plastered over a picture of someone running, that say something like "There will come a time when I can no longer run.  Today is not that day."  I often think of that quote and wonder to myself "will there ever come a time when I run out of things to say about running?"  The answer might be yes, but luckily for Continue reading →